Sunday, March 22, 2009

Flower Pots

I cannot believe that I actually found clay flower pots made in the USA Yesterday, I cannot wait to get them painted up and for sale. That find gives me optimism that as time goes on we will find more and more made in the USA items.
I am going to paint my new pots with the so popular primitive stars theme so be looking for them on the web site, of which you can get to by clicking any photo within my blog. I have added my rendition of prim pots just below.

Friday, March 13, 2009

The Importance of purchasing Made in the USA

My thoughts are this: a big part of why the country is in the condition it is in right now is due to us. The American people. We have outsources our high tech positions overseas, and we purchase incredible amounts of stuff from foreign countries. So when are we going to stop? When are we going to see the mistakes we are making and start buying and making Made in the USA. It is only us that can put our foot down to this new way of business and start insisting on Made in the USA products and jobs. Only we can get ourselves back on track.
I will be listing Made in the USA web sites on this blog of all kinds for all of us to start exploring and using as much as possible.

Table Lamps Made in the USA

Made in the USA